How to Schedule a Lesson?

The following is a guide that covers how to schedule Golf Lesson on our portal after you have purchased them. (See How to Buy Lessons?).

Please follow the steps given below:

Note: Have you purchased lessons in advance on Groupon, Living Social or Amazon Local? You will need to buy Prepaid Lesson for $0 (Zero Dollar) on this portal before you can schedule lessons online. Please go to "How to Buy Lessons?" Click Here

Step 1 - Online Portal

  1. Access the Online Portal by clicking on the Menu on the Top. A new window will open.


Step 2 - Login or Create Account

  1. Login with your email ID and password
  2. You must have created an account while buying lessons on the portal
  3. Please use the same account to schedule lessons


Step 3 - Select the Type of Appointment

  1. Select the Appointments Tab on the top right
  2. Select one of the 4 options


Step 4 - Select the date and time

  1. Select the options for instructor, date and time


Step 5 - Select the available timeslot

  1. Select one of your preferred timeslots


Step 6 - Book the lesson

  1. Book your lesson