Leigh Ochinero


Former California Golf Tour / Golden State Tour player and 2000 San Jose Country Club Champion

Leigh was born and raised in Saratoga, CA attended Prospect High School, West Valley College, and San Jose State University. In 1987 while working in the golf industry while attending College, Leigh decided to try his hand at playing golf Professionally. Leigh tried qualifying for several US Opens, AT&T Pebble Beach Pro Ams, and many local professional events, having limited amount of success. In 1993 Leigh decided to quit the Professional ranks and devoted himself full time to the "Corporate World". In 1998 Leigh ran a Mobile Golf Instruction Company, "Golf On The Move", and took instruction into large companies, such as HP, LockHeed Martin and 3Com to name a few. Leigh sold that business in 2000, and embarked on a succesful career in Real Estate Financing.

In 2011, Leigh decided to go back to his first love, the game of Golf! GolfSmarts was an idea that Leigh had been thinking about for a long time, but realized that the world was changing. Technology was now a vital part of Instruction. Even though he believes as a teacher we dont need video or gimmicks, the importance of instant visual feedback allows the student to grasp exactly what their swing flaws are, and gives us the ability to overcome those flaws in record time. "I'm an old school guy, communication is the backbone of instruction. If the Teacher and student can be on the same page, there forms a bond of trust, and ideas, and techniques are more easily adopted and implemented" "However, video feedback makes things quicker and easier, and can fasttrack the students ability to improve"." I enjoy what I do, and I love the challenge of taking a beginner, and turning them into a real Golfer! I love this game, and want everyone else to enjoy it too."

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