My NCGA Index has gone down TWO full strokes

I am a professional athlete - able in another sport - so I know the difference between someone who knows how to PLAY and someone who knows how to COACH. Leigh is great in both categories but I am especially impressed with his coaching skills. From the first lesson he keyed my weaknesses and started fixing my glitches at the same time keeping me positive by complimenting me on my strengths. I LOVE the "warehouse" venue as there are far fewer distractions that there would be on the course. There are not dozens of people gawking and making me self-conscious about whatever it is I am working on. The video helps to actually SEE what you are doing wrong and I love the way they can show you a side-by-side comparison with an actual Pro Golfer. I have been golfing for about two years now and with only FOUR lessons my NCGA Index has gone down TWO full strokes... woot woot! I have referred several friends and they are all pleased with the results from both Leigh and Mark. I just re-upped for another six-pack and I am looking forward to a continuing relationship with GolfSmarts for a long time to come.
Jackie W.

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