Leigh is great

Leigh is great. I've been golfing for over ten years and have had several instructors. Leigh is by far the most knowledgeable about the golf swing that I've met. Leigh is a former California Tour professional and has a patient and encouraging teaching style. I like that Leigh uses high tech to help teach me and diagnose my swing. He has video recording stored digitally that we return to watch throughout the lesson. Leigh is able to draw lines and swing planes to help me see my alignment and can superimpose my swing next to a professional's swing to show me how a good swing looks. Leigh also copies the video to a USB drive. I like that Golfsmarts is at an indoor facility that allows me to focus better on learning proper mechanics of my swing without all the distractions of the driving range. Then I practice more when I'm at the driving range. Leigh gives me perfect drills for correcting the flaws in my swing. My wife gave me three lessons as a birthday gift and now I just signed up for another set of six lessons and look forward to continuing to improve my game working with Leigh.
Malcolm B
San Jose

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